These are the Interesting Facts about Burj Khalifa Elevator

In the tall building, there will always be a super elevator such as Burj Khalifa elevator. In fact, this is the other interesting thing about Burj Khalifa. The height of the tower is truly a highlight of Burj Khalifa tower. But anyway, this is not the only thing to note. You need to take a […]

Burj Khalifa’s World Record

Mind-Blowing View of Burj Khalifa’s World Records LED Projection

Burj Khalifa’s World Record – Breaking the Guinness World Record, UAE displayed the world’s most-watched and most-awaited visual spectacle centered on the world’s tallest tower, Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa. Countless Dubai residents and visitors gathered around the landmark tower to catch a glimpse of this remarkable show. They definitely would not want to turn their back […]

Burj Khalifa Traveling

Burj Khalifa Traveling: Latest Eco-Friendly Transport Mode in Dubai

Burj Khalifa Traveling – ​In area nearby Burj Khalifa there is a new style of bikes available to ride to get closer to Burj Khalifa. If you often visit the Business Bay area, you will notice something remarkable lately! Dubai has launched a new transport mode that residents and visitors could enjoy on Burj Khalifa […]


Unforgettable Moment of Capturing Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa

Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa – You might believe that there is always magical sensation, nearly mystical, about gazing at stunning first light of a brand new day. Whether capturing breathtaking pictures with an awesome panorama over the city or simply catching a glimpse of daybreak from the world’s highest tower, residents and tourists […]

At the Top Burj Khalifa Sky

Premium Experience to At the Top Burj Khalifa Sky

Premium Experience to At The Top Burj Khalifa Sky – Up to a period that the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia stands out before its anticipated final in 2018 and grand opening in 2019, Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai), currently holds its designation as the world’s tallest building. As world-class skyscraper in Dubai, the […]

Burj Khalifa metro

Travel Guide : How to Go to Burj Khalifa Dubai

How to Go to Burj Khalifa Dubai We have already talk about the beauty of Burj Khalifa Dubai and what’s inside the tallest building in the world. Now we will give you travel guide on how to get there. There are a lot of long flights whose the transit is either in Dubai or in […]

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa Dubai, the Tallest Skyscraper in the World

Burj Khalifa Dubai is one of the highly recommended tourism object in Dubai. With a height of 828 meters or 2.717 feet, Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world since 2010. It has not only the tallest building, but also has the fastest elevator in the world with a travel speed of 60 […]