These are the Interesting Facts about Burj Khalifa Elevator

In the tall building, there will always be a super elevator such as Burj Khalifa elevator. In fact, this is the other interesting thing about Burj Khalifa. The height of the tower is truly a highlight of Burj Khalifa tower. But anyway, this is not the only thing to note. You need to take a […]

Burj Khalifa’s World Record

Mind-Blowing View of Burj Khalifa’s World Records LED Projection

Burj Khalifa’s World Record – Breaking the Guinness World Record, UAE displayed the world’s most-watched and most-awaited visual spectacle centered on the world’s tallest tower, Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa. Countless Dubai residents and visitors gathered around the landmark tower to catch a glimpse of this remarkable show. They definitely would not want to turn their back […]

Burj Khalifa Traveling

Burj Khalifa Traveling: Latest Eco-Friendly Transport Mode in Dubai

Burj Khalifa Traveling – ​In area nearby Burj Khalifa there is a new style of bikes available to ride to get closer to Burj Khalifa. If you often visit the Business Bay area, you will notice something remarkable lately! Dubai has launched a new transport mode that residents and visitors could enjoy on Burj Khalifa […]

view from top of burj khalifa

Enjoying the Magnificent View from Top of Burj Khalifa

Enjoying the magnificent view from top of burj khalifa is probably one of the most wanted things to do on your Dubai Trip. This curiosity goes by the fact of Burj Kalifa height, which is currently the tallest building in the world. It is about 829.8 meters tall with 163 floors. It makes this building […]

halifat card

Hafilat, Smart Card To Travel Around Abu Dhabi By Bus

Hafilat Smart Card – Traveling in Abu Dhabi by bus is as comfortable as in Dubai. All buses in Abu Dhabi have special seating rule, the woman at the front seats and the man at the back seats. These buses are very clean. You are not allowed to eat or drink in the bus. Bus […]

dubai creek

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Having a trip to Dubai is like a dream come true for all travelers. It is undeniable that Dubai is like a paradise for both local and foreign travelers. If you are lucky to have an opportunity to take a vacation to Dubai, do not miss these beautiful places in Dubai: 1. Dubai Creek It […]