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Nol Card, The Smart Card for Your Dubai Trip

Nol Card Smart Card– Dubai is one of the favorite tourism resorts in Arab world that offers many unique and wonderful places like Burj Al-Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, and Dubai Creek. If you are planning to have a trip to Dubai, especially if you are a backpacker tourist, then there are several things you need to know to prepare before the trip. This preparation will help you to get enjoyable moments during the trip. There are several things to consider but today we will help you to get closer with one of the most important things you need to know about dubai trip, the NOL card, a smart card for your Dubai Trip.

nol card dubai trip

Nol Card? Is that something like Debit card? You are almost right. Nol Card is like a debit card for your daily transaction. Nevertheless, Nol card is made for specific transactions. It is used for public transportation payments such like City Bus, Metro, Tram, Water Bus, and Car Parking. For any details, you should read the article below

What is Nol Card?

Nol Card has come from Arab word نول, which means fee or tariff or cost. This is an electronic ticket published for any public transportations in Dubai. The main purpose of this card is to reduce transaction in ticket counter and make it paperless.

It is like your debit card for public transportation payment. You do not need to bring hard cash  because this card can save pre-paid fund to pay your bus or train fee in one or more than four zones in Dubai.

Remember; never let your Nol Card empty. Add credit before you use it and enjoy every trip in Dubai comfortably. Nol Cards are provided in several packets with competitive cost that you could choose.

Nol Card Variants

There are variants of Nol Card you can choose:

1.       Silver Card

2.       Gold Card

3.       Blue Card

4.       Red Card


1.  Silver Card

Tourists or residents can use this card and it can be recharged up to AED 1000, for exception, personal silver card can be recharged up to AED 5000.

nol silver card

You do not need any documents to get this card. This card is valid until 5 years. The price is AED 25 including e-purse AED 19. You can recharge and get it easily in ticket offices (Train or Metro Stations), RTA customer service center or installed ticket machines that you can find in any shopping centers, all bus and metro stations, and agent such as Carrefour, spinney, etc. This card gets expired in 5 years.


2.  Gold Card

Gold cards cost and features are the same as Silver card. The difference is only in its fare and also gold class facility with wider and comfort seat and wider access to window. These cards are sold only at Metro Stations.

Nol Gold Card

Personal Gold Card is available but you have to order it through with expanse AED 80 included AED 20 for initial fund and courier’s fee to deliver your card to you.


3.  Blue Card

Blue card is a personal Nol card. To have the card, you must provide your photograph and national ID. This card is usually made for local people and Dubai residents.

They will put your photograph on the card and you will have access to gold class in metro and tram. It is a nice service.

Nol Personal Card

What should you do if you lost your card? Do not worry. You can call the service center and they will block your card and save your balance within 48 hours from your reporting. However, transactions before 48 hours cannot be refunded.

You have to spend AED 70 to make this card including AED 20 for initial debt. You should access for registration. It is for five to 23 years old students, elders, and disabled peoples. This card will be expired in 5 years.


4.  Red Ticket

Red Ticket is designed for tourists who travel around Dubai in short time. This ticket will be expired in 90 days or 10 times trip.

Nol Red Ticket

It is priced at only AED 2 and must be recharged minimum once for one trip and depends on number of zones you are traveling/passed. Please, be aware with balance in your card. Never left your card empty  when you use it; otherwise, you will get penalty.


How to use Nol Card?

Nol card is very easy to use. It is simple. You just put it nearby to ticket machine when you step in  and before getting down. Automatically, your balance will be deducted based on how far or how many zones you have passed/crossed.

nol card machine

Never forget to put/sense your card to machine when you step off. If you do not, the machine will assume that you are still in transport and it will be continued to get counted till the final destination / place.  Well, it can reduce your balance significantly, and maybe your balance will not be enough anymore to travel again and if you do so, you will get penalty.

How do you know the available balance in your card? When you make transaction on ticket machine, it will show your balance on its screen and you can recharge it if you think it is not enough to pay your next trip. Minimum balance in your card should be AED 7.50, if less than that, the bus or train’s door will not open for you.

nol card

Nowadays, government provides pass card that is more simpler and more competitive especially for regular transport users who use personal blue card or gold card; for example for 1, 7, 30, 90, and 365 days.

Children under five years old or have maximum 90 cm in height are free to use any transport service. Special rooms for women and kids are available in Metro. These rooms are equipped with free baby strollers to use.

Saving TIPS

Here we are giving you tips to save your card balance if you go around using different kinds of transportations.

For example, if you decide to use Metro and then you will continue the journey with the bus. What you should do to save your card balance is after check out from Metro at your destination, you can check in to the bus within 30 minutes. By this way, the system will count it as one trip and you will charged depend on numbers zone you have been passed by bus. However, if you check in to the bus more than 30 minutes after you step out from Metro, The system will count it as a new trip.

Choose Nol Card type that appropriate with your Dubai trip. Have a nice trip!

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