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Getting Closer with Burj Khalifa Floors

Getting Closer with Burj Khalifa Floors – With 829.8 m tall and 163 floors, of course it is interesting to know more about Burj Khalifa floors. But as a mega tall structure in the world, not all of the floor is usable. There are only 154 floors are usable. Some of them are only used for maintenance while the other floors are for parking. Specifically, 9 Burj Khalifa Floors are for maintenance and 2 Burj Khalifa Floors are for parking.

Most of Burj Khalifa floors are used for various purposes, including hotel, residential, lobby, corporate suites, observatory deck and restaurant. Armani Hotel is the only hotel in Burj Khalifa tower. It lays on the concourse, ground floor and the 1st – 8th floors. The 9th – 16th Burj Khalifa Floors are for Armani Residences and the 38th – 39th floors are for Armani Hotel suites. The Residential floor is starts from the 19th floor. Specifically, it starts from 19th – 37th floor, 44th – 72nd floor and 77th – 108th floor.

Burj Khalifa Floors

armani hotel

Burj Khalifa tower is also a home of several corporations. And to accommodate their needs, this tower has special area under the name of corporate suites. Corporate suites in Burj Khalifa tower started from 111th floor. As for the details, the corporates suites are located at the 111th – 121st floor, 125th – 135th floor, 139th – 147th floor and 149th – 154th floor.

When it goes to Burj Khalifa tower, there are special Burj Khalifa floors you should try. And yes, one of them is the 124th floor. This floor is an observatory deck and is open for public. You can access this Burj Khalifa Floor by buying a ticket. For one ticket, you can get an access to this floor and enjoy the magnificent view for about 1 hour. As an observatory deck, this floor offers 360º view to the city, the ocean and the desert. If you want to enjoy these amazing views any closer, there are special telescopes available for you.

burj khalifa 124 floor

The observatory deck is separated into interior and exterior deck. For more adventure, make sure to try the exterior deck. There is more than just different perspective here. In here, you can enjoy the wind blows from the tallest building in the world. You can try to visit this floor at night and you will be able to enjoy the stars in the sky and the lights of the Dubai city. And of course, this is something that you cannot get everywhere around the world but here.

If you want to have a romantic dinner, there is Atmosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor. Enjoying the delicious food while getting an amazing view are the highlight of this restaurant. The decoration of the restaurant is also classy. It is a true luxury dinner for you and your spouse. But as one of the most expensive and popular restaurants in Dubai, you have to book it a few days before having the dinner. Although this is not a cheap dinner, the experience you will get will surely be unforgettable. This is why it also becomes one of the must-visited Burj Khalifa floors.

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