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Where is Burj Khalifa and How to Get There

Knowing about where is Burj Khalifa is like finding an oasis in the desert. Burj Khalifa is like a limelight in Dubai. Its size and its height make it easy to recognize and easy to find. Even it looks so clear from the long distance. And of course, it makes everybody wants to reach it.

Thanks to its strategic location, reaching Burj Khalifa is not too difficult. Anyway, this tower is located on the downtown. For more specific location, Burj Khalifa is located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai. The transportation is not difficult to find.

In the first visit, most people may wonder about how to get to Burj Khalifa. But there is nothing to worry about as there are many options to get there. If you are coming from the other country and are entering Dubai from airport, you can try to hire a limousine and the driver. Although it can be expensive, the experience you will get is actually worth it. It will be a good start for getting an unforgettable moment in Dubai.

Limousine City Experience

Another way to get to Burj Khalifa which is cheaper is by taxi. Getting a taxi is not too difficult in airport. Anyway, there are many taxis go through. You may have to catch one of them or compete with the others for this. But when you get one of them, you can go to Burj Khalifa easily without spending too much money. This transportation is also comfortable. And since Burj Khalifa is an icon of Dubai, every driver knows where Burj Khalifa is.

Burj Khalifa Dubai taxi

Dubai is a big city with complete facilities. The airport is also the same. Besides having complete facilities, the transportation from airport is varied too. Taxi and limousine are not the only options here. If you expect for something different or need to avoid the traffic jam, you can try to take the metro. This transportation is accessible from terminal 1 and terminal 3. If you arrive via Emirates, you can access these terminals easily.

Burj Khalifa Station is your destination, so do not forget to get off there. From the station, you have to walk to Burj Khalifa. But there is nothing worry about, you can see the tower from the station. In fact, you will never miss it. But since you are getting to Burj Khalifa on foot, you might need to take about 10 minutes for it.

Burj Khalifa metro

With 829.8 meters of height, Burj Khalifa is visible from the downtown of Dubai. It is not too difficult to find this building, even if this is your first visit in Dubai. But when you get to Burj Khalifa, just try to visit the 124th floor or the observatory deck. This floor is the best spot to look around Dubai city. You can see this expensive city from the best angle. Although you have to spend a few dollar for this, this experience is worth it. After knowing about where is Burj Khalifa, just make sure to visit this floor.

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