These are the Interesting Facts about Burj Khalifa Elevator

In the tall building, there will always be a super elevator such as Burj Khalifa elevator. In fact, this is the other interesting thing about Burj Khalifa. The height of the tower is truly a highlight of Burj Khalifa tower.

But anyway, this is not the only thing to note. You need to take a note to facilities including the elevator too. It must be able to support this mega structure. Not only reliable and able to accommodate many people, it must be able to make it faster too. At least, it have to be faster than the usual elevator. And now, these are the interesting facts about Burj Khalifa elevator.1. There are 57 Elevators in Burj KhalifaA big structure like Burj Khalifa really has a serious problem in accommodating people from one floor into another one. With many floors inside the building, of course it needs many elevators to accommodate the visitors and the residences. This is why it Burj Khalifa has 57 elevators. Two of them are double deck. And for the 55 elevators, these are single deck elevators.About 57 elevators in a building, this is not a small number of course. Each of them also have a pretty high capacity or about 12 up to 14 people per elevator.2. The 3rd Fastest Elevator in the WorldWith 163 floors, the number of the elevator is not the only problem to solve. A normal elevator will never be enough access these floors, at least in term of speed. Just imagine it. How long it takes to reach the top level of the building with a normal elevator? It just so long. Maybe it takes for about 5 minutes at minimum, or even more. But thanks to the sophisticated elevator, you do not need to wait that long.

In a few years ago, Burj Khalifa elevator is the fastest elevator in the world. It breaks the previous record and stay in this position for a pretty long time. And now, the position changed and this elevator became the 3rd fastest elevator in the world. It stills impressive actually. The speed is about 10 m/s or 33 feet/s.But this is for the double deck elevator. If you want to access the top of Burj Khalifa, this elevator will allow you to make it only in 1 minute 22 seconds. But there is one more thing to know. This is for the full speed, not the normal speed.3. The Highest Elevator InstallationMaybe Burj Khalifa does not have the highest number of elevator. But for a tallest building in the world, its elevator installation must be so complicated and must be able to reach the top of the building. This is why Burj Khalifa achieved a record as the building with the highest elevator installation in the world.4. The Longest Travel Distance ElevatorWith 829.8 meters of height, Burj Khalifa really needs a long elevator’s track. But for the elevator itself, there is only 504 meters of elevator distance. Is stills a big number actually. With this number, Burj Khalifa elevator also known as the longest elevator travel distance.

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