Burj Khalifa’s World Record

Mind-Blowing View of Burj Khalifa’s World Records LED Projection

Burj Khalifa’s World Record – Breaking the Guinness World Record, UAE displayed the world’s most-watched and most-awaited visual spectacle centered on the world’s tallest tower, Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa. Countless Dubai residents and visitors gathered around the landmark tower to catch a glimpse of this remarkable show. They definitely would not want to turn their back on this most historic highlighted public performance of all time.

Burj Khalifa’s World Record

The Largest LED Projection of Burj Khalifa’s World Record

LedInside News stated that magnificent colorful beams of light at the LED-illuminated facade with its breathtaking display had mesmerized the world during the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala, making the celebration even more memorable. Lasers flashed through the skies over Downtown, the glamour district surrounding Burj Khalifa. Complemented by music and dancing fountains at the foot of the tower, the show increased the joyfulness of a large crowd.

Marking its fifth anniversary on January 4, 2015, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure by Emaar Properties, celebrated the jovial festivity with visitors to At the Top. Along with this exceptional occasion, Burj Khalifa’s World Record LED projection on the facade of this tower kept going through January 9, 2015.

According to Guinness World Records, Emaar had secured the title of “The World’s Largest LED-Illuminated Facade’ on the world’s tallest man-made structure” during the NYE celebrations.

LED installation had been even more in focus of the celebratory period. The tremendous Burj Khalifa’s World Record LED projection illuminated At The Top in the UAE National flag colors, as well as other glittering effects. Over and above enthralling Arabic motifs and ‘Masharabiya’ patterns, the LED display also highlighted flags of neighboring GCC member states Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. With these featuring designs, anticipation was increasing even more for the role the newest public art performance had in the New Year’s Eve celebrations at the world’s tallest man-made structure in Dubai.

Extending over total area of 32,467 sq meters, the Burj Khalifa’s world record LED display had a dramatic staggering of 70,000 LED light panels mounted in specific arrangement using over 100,000 brackets and linked impeccably with 55,000 meters of cabling for setting up the flawless visual display.

The LED projection enlightened the tower, laser beams that illuminated the whole Downtown Dubai surroundings in enchanting shades. The Dubai Fountain dancing to the rhythm of world music set the stage for the splendid firecrackers on Burj Khalifa. It marked off the climax for the festival to lead into the New Year in unmatched magnificence.


Burj Khalifa’s World Record to Astounding Show of All Time 

The Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala creates an image of Dubai’s positivism and its capability to motivate, unify, and lead to contentment to visitors from around the globe. The Burj Khalifa’s world record event brings about anticipation and joyfulness after a brighter prospect and a promising new period of development in Dubai, a worldwide city that put up an open door and setting for your business and personal development.

Emaar Properties has set up Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala in such a way with most superb six-section firecracker, as well laser and light performance that overflow Downtown Dubai. The Burj Khalifa’s world record LED projection enveloped Burj Khalifa declared to be as one of the world’s most dazzling illuminations up to now. The astounding demonstration made it the world’s most advanced fireworks and LED light innovation.

The New Year’s Eve celebration has characterized its credentials in such a brief time as the world’s most-awaited and most-watched New Year’s Eve display surpassing the festivities in New York, Sydney, and London. Many visitors from everywhere throughout the world came up to join in the merriments. The occasion has turned into a distinct show to the delight of Dubai.

There were annual New Year’s Eve celebrations in Burj Khalifa, marked by Burj Khalifa’s world record LED projection and the subsequent fireworks displays. Here are the details of the events:

• 2010–2011, fireworks complemented by lasers and lights were put on show from the Burj Khalifa, making it the highest New Year fireworks display in the world. Theme of 2011 New Year fireworks was “New Year Gala,” a tribute to the spirit of Dubai, which is home to more than 200 nationalities. The showcase likewise denoted marked first anniversary of Burj Khalifa.

• 2011–2012, Burj Khalifa was completely enlightened in white, red, and green, drawing on the color shades of the UAE national flag, by the fireworks display. The festivities were likewise a salute to the country.

• 2012–2013, fireworks show on Burj Khalifa, in a burst of light and color, the fireworks encircled the tower, synchronized, and choreographed to a live show by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra..

• On 27 November 2013, Burj Khalifa was lit up with beams of lights and fireworks show subsequent to declaration of Dubai as winning city to host World Expo 2020.

• 2013–2014, the Burj Khalifa and nearby areas were the site of a record-breaking fireworks display as major aspect of the UAE’s New Year gala, with a reported 400,000 fireworks being set off constantly for about six minutes.

• 2014–2015, the Burj Khalifa was be shed lights on by a 828 m (2,717 ft) custom built LED facade which was installed on the building where light display followed by the fireworks.

• 2015–2016, the Burj Khalifa fireworks displayed theme on a futuristic Dubai, underlining its 2020 vision while highlighting the UAE’s achievements in the year gone by. The fantastic fireworks were followed by an unparalleled audio-visual display with LED lights and light beams.

For this present year 2016, the Burj Khalifa’s world record festivals has been most terrific to date with a phenomenal exhibition of intriguing fireworks and the world’s first LED projection on Burj Khalifa. With the joyous occasion, it highlighted the positivism of Dubai, a mega city that brings hopefulness, liveliness, and idealism to people in the region and over the world.

Effectively prepared for yet another extraordinary firecrackers demonstration, the Burj Khalifa was set to increase the present expectations significantly even higher as you stepped up into 2016 along with the Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala.

You can watch the Burj Khalifa’s world record display from various vantage spots in the district. You have to take public transport to reach your destination at the venue, with the Roads & Transport Authority plan to develop the operational hours of the Dubai Metro. Tourists and Dubai residents can make the festival even more outstanding by having festive experiences across the venues.

Furthermore in every December 31, visitors to Downtown Dubai could catch sight of the fantastic LED projections with its exquisite colorful shaft of light effects at regular intervals from 6:45 PM to 11:45 PM, making up for the dazzling display of The Dubai Fountain.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai had made exceptional plans as the extraordinary night usually marked an intense congestion. The strategies included 24-hour operation of the Dubai Metro, free transport ride around the major venues, and procurement of exclusive tour for visitors to catch a glimpse of the festivities in Dubai.

The Downtown Dubai New Year’s Eve Gala was undoubtedly the most-visited event in the district to date. Dubai residents and visitors from around the planet earth created a great wave of humankind in Burj Park, Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard and along The Dubai Mall’s waterfront promenade. Are you eager to join with them? As they are, you will have energized sensation to be the first to witness the most historic Burj Khalifa’s world record event of all time.

Burj Khalifa always comes up with a latest astonishing fireworks display and LED projection to offer for yearly New Year’s Eve Gala. For New Years Eve 2017, as they are now preparing for the greatest fireworks and LED show of all year, let us look forward to what surprise would be coming in the event.

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