Burj Khalifa Traveling

Burj Khalifa Traveling: Latest Eco-Friendly Transport Mode in Dubai

Burj Khalifa Traveling – ​In area nearby Burj Khalifa there is a new style of bikes available to ride to get closer to Burj Khalifa. If you often visit the Business Bay area, you will notice something remarkable lately! Dubai has launched a new transport mode that residents and visitors could enjoy on Burj Khalifa Traveling. You can now rent special rickshaw-style cycles for short hops around the area. This so-called Smart Bikes or ‘velotaxi’ allow you to take a trip as a cyclist or a passenger. ‘Go green’ is the primary initiative of Smart Bikes that will encourage you decide on cycling rather than taking a cab. The main idea is that you will rent Smart Bike for short trips, picking you up at one point, and dropping you off at another.

Burj Khalifa Traveling

Smart Bike for Burj Khalifa Traveling

Smart Bike as the cycle rickshaw is a small-scale local mode of transport. Rather than pulled by a person on foot, this cycles are human-powered by pedaling. They are type of tricycles designed to carry passengers for rental basis. It creates a wide system of short distance transport.

According to Senior Marketing Manager at SB UAE, this new service will absolutely be another great option for the daily commuters who live or work in the district, on their way back and forth the Metro, and visitors to the outdoor retail areas and promenades. It will support the present transport facilities, closing the gap between the commuters or visitors and their destination, and provide convenient and fun transport mode.

Initially advanced in Germany, ‘Smart Bikes UAE’ is the Middle East’s brand new concept presented as healthy, ecological, and convenient mode of transport alternative to the metro. In this way, Burj Khalifa Traveling on the bikes will be no different from sitting inside a small car aside from its pollution cause.

Smart Bikes are currently available for rental at three locations, which are Bay Avenue, Bay Square, and Business Bay Metro Station. Every one of the bikes has a driver with two seat capacity. They will take you everywhere you want to go around for Burj Khalifa Traveling.

As you can notice from the picture below, you can catch a glimpse of Burj Khalifa from a distance in the background. It will give you such mind-blowing sensation while riding on Smart Bike and feel the air of Dubai city, rather than taking other transport modes. Moreover, Smart Bike will take you everywhere without any limit of time and place. This will be such new priceless experience and convenience of Burj Khalifa Traveling.

The response of Dubai’s residents to the plan in introducing auto-rickshaws is essential for this project’s success. Commuters have stated varied outlooks about the planned initiation of Smart Bike to the UAE. Some believed the three-wheel vehicles would boost up the transport availability, while others thought about whether it can work out the city’s bottleneck issues. Some of them, however, appreciated the proposed vehicles’ energy efficiency.
Smart Bike UAE is an amusing and affordable way for Burj Khalifa Traveling, makes a perfect benefit to what Business Bay has to offer. With its center in Bay Avenue, these bikes are perfect solution for short distance commute or catching a glimpse of sightseeing around the Burj Khalifa. Users have two different options to travel, as either driver or passenger.

Planning Burj Khalifa traveling is one of the most important things to do before taking pleasure from Burj Khalifa itself. With higher demands of public transport services and daily commuting needs of millions people, Smart Bike provides an affordable and convenient mobility. Hereafter visitors can promptly move back and forth between their offices, to the malls, or metro stations plus catching a good sight from a new environmentally friendly and safe transportation concept.

How much and where to rent Smart Bike

These futuristic rickshaw-like vehicles cost just about 10 AED to rent and available for hire at kiosks at three different spot in The Business Bay area such as Business Bay Metro Station, Bay Avenue and Bay Square. They are liable to be a great commotion among commuters and travelers alike. If the pilot project seems successful in The Business Bay area, then we expect to see Smart Bikes all over Dubai very soon.

Business Bay Overview

This area is a central business area in Dubai. Business Bay is part of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Ruler of Dubai. Covering an area of 64,000,000 square feet (5,900,000 m2), once completed it will be the new “city” within the city in Dubai. Currently, some project still under development in this area, but the infrastructure itself has been completed 8 years ago. JW Marriott Marquis Dubai towers are the tallest building in Business bay and tallest hotel in the world. This is just one of the building in Business Bay.

Business Bay also connected to Business Bay Metro Station to make the residents and visitor easily access this area. Smart Bikes can be rented from here as well.

Bay Avenue

Bay Avenue is part of Business Bay. This is a place of two levels, indoor and outdoor retail space like cafes, boutiques, plazas, restaurants, children’s play area and also sporting facilities. You can rent Smart Bikes from this spot.

Bay Square

There are commercial buildings, hotels, residential buildings and also pedestrian-only zone, walkways over the canal, sidewalks, restaurants, cafes and many more. This is also the spot where you can rent Smart Bikes.
Burj Khalifa Traveling & Smart Bikes Features


Smart Bike driving provides essential employment for impoverished residents or particularly immigrants in Dubai. It will have linked with some considerable increases in new economic status with improved earnings. This new vehicles have restored a sense of pride to the profession. Nonetheless, high demands of the physical job meant that these benefits gradually declined for long-term drivers, measure up to various jobs available for unskillful workers. This is due to most drivers do not own their own cycles. Instead, they rent them from some owners, some of whom have possession of many cycles. Moreover, driver-ownership rates much higher that most of them could not afford to have their own cycles.


In conjunction with the quest for sustainable modes of transport that will reduce the global dependency on fossil fuels, a few nations and urban communities have forbidden or limited cycle rickshaws in false attempt to create more ‘advanced’ lifestyle. Their governments regularly prohibited the cycles in overcrowded areas of urban communities as unfitting the modern image of the city. While have been criticized for bringing on bottle neck, cycle rickshaws are likewise regularly hailed as green, inexpensive modes of transportation.

By means of inadequate public transport services and daily commuting needs of millions people, Smart Bike provides eco-friendly, reasonably priced and clean mobility. This cycle offer a tremendously smooth sub system in the web of transportation in Dubai. They arrive today to stay for more environmentally friendly future.


Smart Bike will be a key part of the urban landscape in Dubai. This modern and futuristic cycle rickshaws will be picturesque object of photos, movies, and other artworks. This will definitely raise the artistic value of the city. This Smart Bike also can make your Burj Khalifa traveling more convenience and fun. Enjoy it!

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