Unforgettable Moment of Capturing Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa

Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa – You might believe that there is always magical sensation, nearly mystical, about gazing at stunning first light of a brand new day. Whether capturing breathtaking pictures with an awesome panorama over the city or simply catching a glimpse of daybreak from the world’s highest tower, residents and tourists now will be having privileged for viewing sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa.

If you have ever wanted to watch over the sun up from atop the highest building in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is currently accepting visitors on weekends to witness as the horizon shifts from hours of darkness to daylight.

Then, came up one question, why do you have to pick this in the early hours? It is merely because you will have the very bestAt the Top experience. It becomes an awe-inspiring moment when you are standing high on the outdoor observation deck of the world’s tallest building at break of day. With clouds twirling below and the entire city of Dubai under your feet, you will feel like an all-powerful being as you gaze at brilliant color of the horizon miraculously transform from a deep, splendid purple to a magnificent, shimmering orange to the light of day. Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa will be a golden moment, the one most people will do anything at any cost to never let it pass.

Breathtaking Adventure to Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa

At the Top Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest observatory deck on Level 124 of Burj Khalifa, offering residents and visitors the opportunity to catch the sight of Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa over the city of dreams and panoramic views of Dubai. The 24-hour operations of At the Top, Burj Khalifa, also include an evocative and interactive journey through the history and evolution of Dubai and Burj Khalifa.

The Journey to witness Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa will be starting once you get into The Dubai Mall in the early morning, as the sunrise viewing every weekend will start at 5.30AM and 30-minute sessions will continue until 8.00AM. That time you will see the huge and most-crowded shopping mall is still gloomy and nearly uninhabited. Then you must proceed to the lower ground level, to the At The Top reception in which every journey to the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa will begin. Once you enter it, you will be stunned that you are not the only group who has the courage to come on bizarre hour.

What a breathtaking, overwhelming sight! The world’s highest structure is a true architectural miracle. Burj Khalifa’s amazement is able to be there to look over as the crowds are cramming around the counter to buy tickets for Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa before dawn. In case you have already claimed your sunrise view tickets at online ticket collection machine before your scheduled visit, then you can directly head to At The Top entrance lobby. If you arrive ahead of the scheduled sunrise view, you will have more than enough time to check the interactive screen where Burj Khalifa facts and figures are displayed, the change you will miss if you get to come during prime hours due to an awfully long line.

Passing the main lobby and security check counter, your brief trip to the observation deck will set in motion. Start in a travelator where you will catch a glimpse of the marvelous transformation of Dubai, followed by a succession of epigrammatic introduction to the world-renowned icon and construction of Burj Khalifa on LCD TV.

After numbers of stopovers in multimedia displays all through the hallway, you will proceed on board the record-breaking express elevator to Level 124. It is presently the tallest and third fastest in the world! It will not take long as you reach your destination within just a minute.


Golden Keys for Viewing Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa

Once the elevator door opened, you proceed to the outdoor observation deck. As the first warm welcome of Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa, you will embrace a mind-blowing view of brightly lighted up streets, luminous towers, and a fountain show at Burj Lake! Previously, the Dubai Fountain has no more than afternoon and evening shows. However, you will have the privilege that it will be specially turned on for the “Sunrise View” visitors.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa is an absolutely must-visit tourist destination that plies an instructive and inspiring trip. Visitors can discover the entire magnificence of Burj Khalifa, the historical backdrop of Dubai and its development through remarkable visual and audio presentations.

Despite the dazzling sights of Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa Dubai and past from Level 124 At the Top, Burj Khalifa, visitors can also take in more about the landmarks in the district through the advanced Viewfinder. The device substitutes the traditional coin-operated telescopes in other observatories, and presents a video camera and touch-screen features to support with information by cutting-edge representation of graphics and animation. That trouble-free access to the innovative telescopes showed “then” and “now” views of Dubai.

You may just want to bit slow down and witness Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa. This sight is stunning and effortless to catch. Even though very pleasurable, how do you watch and enjoy it? Try these helpful tips….

  • Wake up early enough.It may be easier to do this during wintertime when the sun ups later in the day. Get dressed according to the season and find a best vantage point where you can take pleasure from a clear sight of the sun rising. Keep in mind to prepare your camera to capture the spectacular view.
  • Slow down and relax. Keep away from constant worries of the day. Rather, try to let those entire pressures fade away from your mind.
  • Follow the motion. Look over methodically as the sun slowly emerges in sight over the horizon. Discover the edge and watch the sky change from deep glowing purple to sparkling orange as the sun goes up. Keep focused on the rays breaking through the clouds.
  • Listen to the sounds around you. Feel the air beginning to warm around you and get pleasure from the remarkable experience.

As the horizon turn into all-golden alike, reward yourself hats off for being bold enough to book Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa, for getting up to the bizarre alarm and for never allowing this moment pass by. Watching over the earth bathed in light at 452 metres above the ground is a dreamlike, and witnessing it with your loved ones makes it more memorable.


Visitor Information for Sunrise View At the Top Burj Khalifa

You will get benefits by booking the sunrise ticket, which is having the chance to watch over Dubai in three distinct transformations: under the night sky, with sun up over the horizon and in bright hours of daylight.

At The Top offers extraordinary 360-degree view of Dubai from the desert to the coast! The indoor observation deck has a sight of the marvelous man made islands; The World and The Palm Jumeirah. You will end up your sky-high experience with a quick stopover to At the Top’s souvenir shop. Afterwards, you slide down to the ground level via the high-speed elevator.

Take pleasure in the striking Sunrise At The Top Burj Khalifa. It is only available every Friday and Saturday from 05.30AM with 30-minutes session until 08.00AM. Grab it fast!


At The Top admission fee for Sunrise View:

Adult (12 years +) AED 125/US$ 34.03

Child (4-12 years) AED 95/US$ 25.86

Infant (below 4 years) FREE

*Advance online booking is necessary



At The Top – Burj Khalifa

Entrance at The Dubai Mall – lower ground level

Observation deck at Burj Khalifa – Level 124

Downtown Dubai


You can purchase the tickets online at Burj Khalifa Online Ticketing or directly from the Ticket Counter (subject to availability). For further information contact 800 AT THE TOP (800 28 843 867).

For additional information about How to Book The 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa Ticket Online, you can see HERE.

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