Burj Khalifa Backpacker Trips

​Explore The Magnificent Burj Khalifa as Backpacker

​Burj Khalifa Backpacker Trips – Visiting Burj Khalifa is like a dream for every Dubai travelers. Because Burj Khalifa is currently holding the world record as the highest skyscraper in the world. Many international movies took the scene from this amazing building. So we cannot deny that for entering Burj Khalifa we must have enough fund. Especially, if you have a plan to go to Burj Khalifa as a backpacker, do you think it is possible? unquestionably! Nothing is preposterous in this world. We will guide you how to get the best Burj Khalifa backpacker trips. Let us draw up your plan!

Burj Khalifa Backpacker Trips

A. Getting start with a plan

You must have a good plan if you want to do traveling as a backpacker in Dubai. That is not easy in budget matter, but it is still possible to do it. So, the main thing here is to know your budget. Here we will advise you to prepare your plan so that you know how much the budget you may spend during your journey. Here some checklist you can do to get to know how much the budget required for your Burj Khalifa Backpacker Trips. If you have done preparing the things in the list, then mark it done. Note down your budget and the actual cost you have spent.

Done (✓) No Descriptions Budget

in $ (or your own currency)

in $ (or your own currency)
1 Passport
2 Air Ticket
3 Visa
4 Burj Khalifa Entry Ticket
5 Booking a hotel
6 Transportation
7 Food and beverage
8 Miscellaneous


Make your travel documents ready

You must have passport for sure. If you do not have it yet, you can visit the immigration office in the city in your country. The cost may vary in every country. Do not forget to mark it as done the checklist when you got the passport in your hand. But if you already have it, then be happy. Your first things to do is done. Mark your checklist as done and skip the cost.

Then start searching for the cheapest air ticket to Dubai. You can get it from any  travel agency or book it online. The search engine will help you to get the cheapest one by comparing the price of the air ticket. Try to choose the date when the ticket price is not high. Avoid the date near to public holiday such as Christmas, New Year, Eid, etc.

The next thing to do is to make UAE visa. Some country can enter UAE without visa like GCC citizens, some country can get visa on arrival and others must apply visit visa. If you just transit, you may apply transit visa as well to allow you exit from Dubai airport. It’s all just depend on from which country you are. To know whether you need a visa or not, which type of visa, how much it cost and what are the documents required, you can check here.

Burj Khalifa Ticket Booking online

If passport, visa and air ticket already in your hand, then the next thing to do is you have to get Burj Khalifa ticket booking online from the official website. Because the official website rate is the cheapest one than travel agency’s. According to the website, the cheapest entry ticket is for At the top level 124. Its cost AED 125 for adult (above 12 years old) and AED 95 for a child between 4 to 12 years old. Under 4 years old entry will be free. Note the timing is 08h00 – 13h30 and 19h30 until closing. And also the ticket price has additional fee of AED 5 per ticket and the payment method with credit card.

How to get your Burj Khalifa ticket booking online, you can read its step by step from our other post. You will get your online ticket through your email ID. You can print it or just show your email to the ticket counter when you reach there to get your original Burj Khalifa Entry Ticket.

Book Inexpensive Hotel Online

The next step, you have to do research for the hotels, which will not cost you a fortune and the location are nearest to Burj Khalifa. But surely you will not get the cheapest hotel within 1 kilometer from Burj Khalifa. But it is not a big problem. Because you still can reach Burj Khalifa by public transportation. With the help of google, you can get the hotels according to your budget easily. But here, we will suggest you to go to the perfect location to get cheapest hotel in Dubai, Bur Dubai area. This is the heart city of Dubai. So you can get anything cheaper here than other places like hotel, restaurant, souvenir, etc. We will tell you the name of that hotels which may meet your budget according to our research. Here they are the name of that hotels and its fare:

– Budget starting between AED 50-60 per night

EasyFlat Accommodation

Backpacker Accommodation

– Budget starting between AED 200-250 per night

Everest International Hotel

Smana Hotel al Raffa

Al Raein Hotel Apartment

Al Raein Holiday Homes Rental L.L.C

Dubai Nova hotel

Penninsula hotel

Palm beach hotel

Dallas Hotel

High End Hotel Apartment

Hyde Park Hotel

Imperial Suites Hotel

London Crown 2 Hotel Apartment

Arabian Suites

London Creek Hotel Apartment

Pearl residence Hotel Apartment

Al Manar Grand Hotel Apartment

Ambassador Hotel

Time Palace Hotel


If your budget for hotel more than above mentioned, then you will get it very easy and many with the help of google. Our list is according to our research in January 2016. So, it is possible that the rates may not same from time to time. We advice you to check it first.

Here are some tips or suggestions for you:

1.  Book your hotel by online agency like agoda, trivago, etc. Because they have some offer and discount moreover their price is cheaper than if you book your own directly from hotel.

2. Must keep in mind that almost all hotels have additional charge for tax 10% and service 10%. Make sure you read and understand their terms and condition before booking.

3. Most of that hotels have Non Refundable condition. Especially if they give you low price. Be sure with your check in date. If you still not sure with the date, we suggest you to choose a hotel which is having refundable term.

Make a list of Budget Restaurant

In Bur Dubai area you will find so many restaurants with lower price from any cuisine like Indian, Arabian, European, etc. Decide which type of dish you want to eat. You can get an Indian Dish start from AED 20 for 2 persons. For the fast food start at the cost AED 10 for a Burger and French Fries. Chinese cuisine about AED 25 per 2 persons. You can find more restaurant with many range of price by using google to get more information regarding this matter according to your choice and budget. Don’t forget to get the information of the location and their contact number as well. And also check the restaurant reviews. If you like, you can order it online by using mobile application like zamato, foodonclick, 24h, talabat, yallaeat, etc. By this mobile application you can get all information about price, menus, location and contact number of the restaurant and also their reviews. Easy, right?

B. Buy Nol Card

When you reach Dubai, the next step is to buy Nol Card. With this Nol Card you can travel around Dubai by public transportation such as Bus, Tram, Abra, Metro and Water Bus. The rate also cheaper than taxi or rental car. If you are just coming from outside UAE, you can get Nol Card from Dubai Airport. Otherwise, you can get it later from any metro or bus station before you start your mission. We advised you to use Dubai Metro as your transportation to go to Burj Khalifa as this is cheaper and also fast. Further information about Nol Card you can read here.

C. Start The Journey

Consider you have already checked in from the hotel you have chosen. If your hotel location is the same like our suggestion, Bur Dubai area, then you can go to the nearest metro station to go to Burj Khalifa. There are Al Ghubaiba metro station and Al Fahidi metro station. Just choose which one nearest to your hotel location. Do not forget to keep your Nol Card and make sure there is some balance in your Nol Card. Otherwise, you can top it up in the metro station before you start the journey. And two more which are important too, Burj Khalifa e ticket confirmation and camera. Make sure you have charged your camera battery.

How to get to Burj Khalifa by Metro

You must understand that Al Ghubaiba metro station and Al Fahidi metro station are in the green line area and Burj Khalifa metro station in the red line area. So, from the starting metro station, you can take Metro which to go to Burjuman metro station. The metro will come every 10 minutes and the distance to Burjuman metro station is about 5 minutes. It will cost you AED 3-4. From Burjuman metro station, you can take metro toward to Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall station. The metro comes every 10 minutes and the journey will take about 10 minutes too. Its cost AED 3-4. After reaching Burj Khalifa metro station, you need to walk about 15 minutes toward to Burj Khalifa via Dubai Mall Entrance.

you can go to Burj Khalifa by other moda transportation like bus or taxi. But the timing and budget may not suitable for backpacker. But if you wish to try it, you can read the detail here.

Get Your Burj Khalifa Entry Ticket

Once you reach Dubai Mall, you can go to Burj Khalifa ticket counter in the food court on level ground of Dubai Mall. Here you will get your original Burj Khalifa Entry Ticket. Most of the time there will rush in the counter. But if you are lucky, you will get it in 5 minutes otherwise 30 to 45 minutes. The next step, you have to be in queue to get into the elevator. Then from here your goal will complete. Hopefully you will have an incredible experience At The Top of Burj Khalifa. Enjoy your unforgettable moment!

How to go back to The Hotel

When you decide to go back to the hotel, you can go to the same metro station and follow the same step. Walk about 15 minutes toward to Burj Khalifa metro station and get metro toward to Burjuman metro station. From Burjuman Metro Station, you can take another metro, which goes to metro station near your hotel.

One thing to note, after enjoying the marvelous Burj Khalifa, you can explore the Dubai Mall and have a good time with the magnificence of Dubai Fountain too. They are really worth to see and visit. And will not break your wallet too as it is free. And it will make your Burj Khalifa Backpacker trip prefect.

Dancing Fountain Show Schedule:

Sunday to Wednesday:

1:00 pm and 1:30 pm

6:00 pm – 11:00 pm every 30 minutes

Thursday to Saturday

1:00 pm and 1:30 pm

6:00 pm – 11:30 pm every 30 minutes

Hopefully you will have splendid Burj Khalifa Backpacker Trip!

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