dubai creek

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Having a trip to Dubai is like a dream come true for all travelers. It is undeniable that Dubai is like a paradise for both local and foreign travelers.

If you are lucky to have an opportunity to take a vacation to Dubai, do not miss these beautiful places in Dubai:

1. Dubai Creek

dubai creek

It is located near the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Dubai Creek and its surrounding areas. Using Abra, a kind of small boats, you can cross to the Old Trading Port.

In order to use Abra, you need to have Nol Card that can be bought in the Bus Station. You can also use Nol Card when you decide to get around Dubai by City Bus, Metro and others. A more detailed discussion about Nol Card is explained here.

Dubai Creek presents a nice view of pigeons that flew and landed freely around it. You can feed the birds and they will be happily surrounds you.

During the winter, the fresh wind will blow and makes Dubai more beautiful. Near the port you can buy fresh coconut. You can be relax and enjoy the beauty of Dubai Creek while enjoying the fresh young coconut.

2. Bur Dubai Souq

bur dubai souqIt is located near the Dubai Creek. This is a traditional trading center of Dubai. Many stalls along the way you will pass through. The stalls selling a variety of clothing, shoes / sandals, accessories and other traditional handicrafts with prices varying on each stall.

You need to make a bid to get a cheap price. This what makes Bur Dubai Souq special as the sellers set no fixed prices. You can make a bid just like on traditional markets. You won’t find many places with bid prices like this on Dubai.

Bur Dubai Souq is very clean and beautiful. The stalls were built hundreds of years ago and some of the wood pillars even make it more artistic.

3. The Dubai Mall

dubai mall

Dubai Mall is not just a place to shop, you can enjoy many special and beautiful objects to visit in one place. When you go to the mall, you will find the largest aquarium in it. You can enjoy views of the underwater zoo for free. The aquarium is listed in the Guinness Book Records as the largest aquarium in the world.

After enjoying the aquarium, you can go to the right side of the mall. If you have the right time, you will be able to enjoy the Dancing Fountain. This is the largest Dancing Fountain in the world.

As the name suggests, this fountain can dance following the music. And at night, you can enjoy the glow coloring its every move. It is so beautiful and you must not miss it. If you want to see the Dancing Fountain, make sure you know the schedule.

Dancing Fountain Show Schedule:

Sunday to Wednesday:

1:00 pm and 1:30 pm

6:00 pm – 11:00 pm every 30 minutes

Thursday to Saturday

1:00 pm and 1:30 pm

6:00 pm – 11:30 pm every 30 minutes

From here you can see the Burj Al Khalifa up close. You also can enter and climb to the top by buying the entrance ticket which can be obtained at the reception desk in the Dubai Mall.

In Dubai mall, you can also see the Wall of Water, which is so perfect for air-selfie fun with your spouse or family. There is also a virtual city of Europe near there.

Of course, Dubai Mall is like a paradise for shoppers. It has many famous brand outlets from all over the world as well as restaurants of various cuisine. Make sure to prepare your budget well here.

One more thing, here in Dubai mall you can also enjoy ski. Shoes and helmet are available for rent for both children and adults.


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