How to Book The 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa Ticket Online

How to Book The 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa Ticket Online – Dubai is known as the luxury tourism spot. The tallest magnificent skyscraper, The Burj Khalifa, is the most popular place to visit in Dubai. It has Observation decks that allow visitors to adore its elegance from inside and give the best view of Dubai city from At The Top attraction.

There are two observatory deck packages. At The Top Burj Khalifa The 124th Floor and At The Top Burj Khalifa Sky The 148th + 125th floor. According to the ticket prices, At The Top Burj Khalifa The 124th floor is the cheapest one if you book Burj Khalifa Ticket Online from the official website.

How To Book The 124th Floor Burj Khalifa Ticket Online

So, if you want to book Burj Khalifa Ticket Online, here are the step by step on How To Book The 124th Floor Burj Khalifa Ticket Online:

1. Visit the Official website.

2. Choose the day of your visit by clicking on the date.

select your day

3. Next, you will see the calendar page. Use arrow next to month and year to change the month then click on the date of your visit.

month year

4. On the next page you can choose which level you want to visit. Click on “At The Top Burj Khalifa L124” and choose the promotional offer you want to take then clicking on that. Then select your visit time.

There are 6 offers there:

a) General Admission
This is a general admission offer At The Top Burj Khalifa L124. The price depends on the time you are willing to visit.

Non-prime hours 08h00 – 15h30 and 18h30 until closing
Adult (12 years +) AED 125 / US$ 34.03
Child (4-12 years) AED 95 / US$ 25.86
Prime hours 16h00 – 18h00
Adult (12 years +) AED 200 / US$ 54.45
Child (4-12 years) AED 160 / US$ 43.56
Infant (below 4 years) FREE

select attraction

b) Sunrise
This is the perfect offer for you who wants to see the sunrise from At The Top Burj Khalifa L124. The first tour starts at 5h30 AM until 8h00 AM. And the ticket prices are mentioned below:
Adult (12 years +) AED 125 / US$ 34.03
Child (4-12 years) AED 95 / US$ 25.86
Infant (below 4 years) FREE


c) Armani / Deli
This offer is for you who want to enjoy At The Top Burj Khalifa and also taste the delicious Italian foods from Armani / Deli. The ticket prices like mentioned below:
Adult (12 years +) AED 280 / US$ 76.23
Child (4-12 years) AED 250 / US$ 68.06
Infant (below 4 years) FREE
Adult (12 years +) AED 330 / US$ 89.84
Child (4-12 years) AED 300 / US$ 81.67
Infant (below 4 years) FREE

d) Fast Track
This offer is for you who want to enjoy the best view from At The Top Burj Khalifa Level 124 with priority access. So, you need not to be in the long queue. The ticket prices are mentioned below:
Adult (12 years +) AED 300 / US$ 81.67
Child (4-12 years) AED 300 / US$ 81.67
Infant (below 4 years) FREE

e) Top It Up

If you want to enjoy the view from At The Top Burj Khalifa and also taste delicious cake and cappuccino from The Cafe at the ground level attraction, this offer is perfect for you. The rates start from AED 145 / US$ 39.47 for Adult (12 years+) and AED 115 / US$ 31.30 for Child (4-12 years). Infant (Below 4 years) FREE.

f) ATT + Dubai Aquarium

This combo attraction is good for you who wants to save a few Dirham. If you are a group then this offer is more economical for you to enjoy double attractions. The price of this offer is AED 180 / US$ 49.00 for Adult (12 years+) and AED 150 / US$ 40.83 for Child (3 – 12 years).

5. You will get a notification about the date and the time you have selected. Click “CONFIRM” to confirm it.

date and time confirmation

6. Next, you must fill the form order contained your first and last name, your contact number, email ID and input the security code. Check one more time your detail, then click “NEXT” to continue.

fill the form order

7. Next, you must select the ticket quantity by click on “+” sign to add or “-” to reduce. The price mentioned there is according to the promotion offer, the time of your visit and your age. Click on the small box to confirm your visit date and time. Then click “NEXT” to continue.

select the ticket quantity

8. On the next page, they will show you the summary of your selection and the grand total amount you have to pay. Check one more time the information before you click on the small box to confirm that you have read and agree with the term and condition.

grand total

Keep in mind that your time is only 5 minutes to make the payment. Otherwise, your selection will be deleted and you have to start over again the booking.

5 minutes

Most people do not have enough time to read the term and condition because of this limited time. But you can read Burj Khalifa Booking Online Term and Condition bellow as it is quoted from the official Burj Khalifa site:

1. Ticket(s) may be purchased online through the use of valid Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

2. Successful purchasers will receive a booking confirmation (Booking Confirmation) via email to the email address supplied. If the Booking Confirmation is not emailed despite the success of the transaction, please contact 800 AT THE TOP (800 28 843 867) immediately.

3. This Booking Confirmation can be redeemed for a Date and Time ticket from the Will Call counter located at the reception of At the Top, Burj Khalifa.

4. The Booking Confirmation is valid only for the specific date and time shown thereon and shall automatically expire upon the lapse of this specific date and time. Booking Confirmation(s) and / or Ticket(s) can only be used once and is not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever, whether before or after the Ticket(s) expiry. Lost, damaged and / or stolen Ticket(s) cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged in any manner.

5. All Booking Confirmations and / or Ticket(s) may only be changed or replaced at the absolute discretion of Emaar.

6. Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) holder(s) should arrive 15 minutes prior to the entry time shown on the Ticket(s).

7. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the visit to the At the Top. No food or beverages are allowed At the Top.

8. Emaar reserves the right to amend, vary or otherwise change the entry timings of At the Top. In such an event, Emaar shall alter the Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) for other timings.

9. Emaar reserves the right, whether for safety reasons or otherwise, and with or without prior notice to close At the Top. In such an event, Emaar, in its sole discretion, shall extend the Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) to a later date.

10. Ticket(s) prices may be varied at any time and no decrease in price shall entitle the Booking Confirmation / Ticket(s) holder to any refund.

11. The right of admission to At the Top is reserved and is subject to At the Top’s terms of admission. All persons and / or their belongings entering to or exiting the At the Top will be required to undergo a security check including but not limited to an x-ray examination and / or inspections of bags. Failure to comply with the foregoing shall be grounds for non-admission or removal from At the Top. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Emaar reserves the right to refuse entry of any person who:
a. has been convicted of a criminal offence or has behaved in a manner which, in the opinion of Emaar, is likely to affect the safety or enjoyment of other visitors;
b. has used offensive, abusive, threatening or insulting language;

12. Emaar takes all reasonable steps to provide a safe and enjoyable experience at At the Top, however, it shall not be liable for any person in respect of any loss of or damage to personal property or loss of life, personal injury to any person, whether that loss, damage or personal injury is caused by any person’s negligence or otherwise.

13. Guests must keep personal belonging with them at all times. Emaar shall not be liable for any lost or stolen property.

14. No large bags or strollers are permitted inside At the Top. Large bags and strollers should be checked at the Will Call counter prior to entry.

15. Emaar is not responsible for inclement weather conditions affecting visibility.

term and services

If you agree with the term and condition, then click the box and then click “NEXT” to continue.

9. You will be redirected to the payment page. Choose your credit card type and click on it. Then follow the steps. Please do not close the web browser until the payment process done successfully.

payment page

Finally, you have done to Book Burj Khalifa Ticket Online in just a few minutes. You will receive your ticket within 24 hours. If you do not receive the ticket within that time, you can call the number or send an email to the contact mentioned below:

At the Top, Burj Khalifa
Within UAE: 800 ATTHETOP
(800 28843867)
International: +9714 8888124

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