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Smart NOL Service Benefits, Smart Nol vs Nol Card


 Benefits, Smart Nol vs Nol Card-Based on Dubai’s existing Nol Card, Smart NOL service is an accumulated value card you can top up with funds at ticket offices, ticket vending machines, sales agents, and RTA customer service centers.

smart nol

These are some benefits of using RTA’s Smart NOL technology compared to the existing NOL card:

1. You can simply use Smart NOL service by placing your mobile devices against card readers at the passing gates of metro stations or tram, or validator devices onboard public bus and waterbus. It is just as simple as you would do a regular NOL card.

2. You can purchase tickets for Dubai’s metro, buses, waterbus services, and metro parking as well as checking NOL balance and transaction.

3. Having fixed function for express and secure contactless transactions, thus it will be practical and saving your time and money.

4. It is very handy and practical to use. You will not need to carry your NOL card, but simply your mobile phone. If you are a regular Dubai Public Transport user having NFC enabled phone, carrying the NOL card will be outdated.
5. It is significantly more helpful than contactless cards. You will not have to bungling in your wallet looking for the right card and no holding up in lines for ticket boxes and vending machines.

6. RTA planned this groundbreaking service to get rid of the need for commuters to carry a separate physical card. This new service could essentially trim down the RTA’s costs and environmentally impact by cutting off the need to deliver and distribute these plastic cards.

7. RTA also designed Smart NOL Service to reinforce the high-tech, advanced image of Dubai’s public transport, a further promising usage of service.

8. For consumers, the service facilitates them to manage their NOL account. They can review their NOL usage on their handset at anytime and anywhere, instead of using a machine in a metro station.

What are the Differences between Regular NOL Card and Smart NOL Service?

Known as a magic card, NOL Card is an electronic ticketing card for using a choice of RTA public transport modes in Dubai with just a single card. You can use your NOL Card to take a trip by Dubai’s Metro, Bus, Water Bus, Tram, and for RTA’s Paid Parking. NOL Cards are available in different types to suit your needs. Consumers will have similar experience to existing NOL cards and there is no major change in using Smart NOL Service.

Transition from the existing ‘smart’ NOL cards to ‘smarter’ NFC-NOL innovation may not be as flawless as we hope. A few commuters have supposedly complained about perplexity in the service application, as well as unpredicted troubles and costs in activating the service. Besides, it will be complicated because you can not transfer the balance between your NOL card and the Smart NOL.

Despite of its complexity, Smart NOL Service will mark out transformation in travel industry and upgrading service levels for consumers, making Dubai as the World’s Smartest City. In this case, high-tech Dubai has turned into the first city in the Middle East in which people can utilize their handsets to gain access to public transport.

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