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Smart NOL Service, New Breakthrough in Dubai Transport System

Smart NOL Service-Dubai visitors and commuters who use public transport are having convenience from novel technology in their transport system. The emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) constantly attempts to put up most modern innovations for their daily visitors and commuters with secure, effortless, and pleasurable public transport modes.

smart nol

Given that the UAE has the highest mobile phone subscribers in the world, they have invented a new technology in transport system by activating mobile device apps.

RTA had introduced the first ‘Smart Nol’ Service, as joint venture with telecom provider Etisalat & Du in November 2013. This Smart Nol Service is more convenience for commuters than for visitors because the process to get it is not simple.

Smart NOL service enables ease of access via NFC (Near Field Communication) based on Dubai’s existing NOL card. You are able to use NFC enabled mobile phones for public transport transactions and in future micropayments in UAE. This dispatch of newest NFC advance technology will be the start of another period on how they will provide their consumers and service providers with innovative solutions and products.

How to Get Started with Smart NOL service

Smart NOL Service is much alike Apple Pay and Google Wallet tap and pay. This service uses NFC enabled smart phones to pass in and out of Dubai’s public transport as well as metro parking.

The service is currently only accessible for limited handsets and OS packs. First, you can subscribe to the Smart NOL service via Etisalat and Du outlets and recognize what type of gadgets and model are perfect with the NFC service. You should also contact your mobile operator for more details on compatible handsets and NFC SIM. Then you will need to switch your existing SIM with an NFC SIM, or else obtain a new NFC SIM and use it with your NFC-enabled phone.

To begin with, you can use merely the NOL Silver Card with this service. There will be no fare adjustment if you use Smart NOL Service for public transport. The new and existing plan consumers for both prepaid and postpaid, could simply subscribe. Moreover, they will preload your NOL account with AED14 to use it promptly!

Compatible Devices for NFC SIM

BlackBerry® Bold 9900
BlackBerry® Bold 9790
BlackBerry® Curve 9360
BlackBerry® Curve 9380
Samsung Galaxy III
Samsung Note II
Please contact your Mobile Operator for other devices.

How to Get NFC SIM with Du Mobile Operator

1. Visit Du office or outlet to get NFC SIM and do not forget to present your valid ID.
2. According to Du mobile operator, at the present you can easily access all the data you need on your mobile phone, under MyWorld menu (or ‘SIM toolkit’, contingent upon the gadget).
The menu will contain:
• Balance – you can review your present balance and the sum and date of your last NOL top-up.
• Last Journey – you can see the date and cost of your last journey.
• Daily fare cap sum – you can monitor the total amount spent in the present day on your RTA journeys.
• More info – you can locate about your NOL details as well as tag ID and expiry date, which you will need to call the RTA call centre.

How to Get NFC SIM with Etisalat Mobile Operator

1. Visit Etisalat office or outlet to get NFC SIM and do not forget to present your valid ID
2. Download NFC Mobile Application here. Then follow the steps below:

a. Input your mobile number, your device type, model number and the code. Then press Submit.

How to Get NFC SIM with Etisalat step a
b. You will get token number sent to your mobile number by Etisalat.

How to Get NFC SIM with Etisalat step b
c. Enter the token number to get your number verified then submit.

How to Get NFC SIM with Etisalat step c

d. You will get Download Application link sent to your mobile number.

How to Get NFC SIM with Etisalat step d
e. Or you can download it by click on “Download Application”.

How to Get NFC SIM with Etisalat step e
f. Open the link to download then follow the steps.

Open the link to download
g. Done. Now your mobile phone is ready to use. Click “Transportation” then “Nol”. Make sure the NFC feature is enabled in your mobile setting to use it as Smart Nol.

Now your mobile is ready to use

How To Use Smart Nol

Like Nol Card, you can use your mobile with NFC SIM by tap on the card reader everytime you check in and out. Easy, right?

How Much does it cost?

SIM Replacement. AED 50
New Wasel (Pre Paid SIM) AED 90
New Postpaid. AED 175

SIM Replacement. AED 55
New Pre Paid SIM. AED 75
New Postpaid. AED 125
Additional charge AED 2 Per Month for NFC Service

Where to reload and check the balance of Smart Nol

You can reload and check your Smart NOL balance by means of these following channels:
a. At ticket office of any metro or bus station.
b. Online at (registration required)
c. At partnering bank channels
d. mPay by sms
e. Mobile phone user interface to check balance and limited past transaction
f. You can load up to maximum AED 500 at any point of time

In case your phone gets lost or stolen or you have a damaged SIM, you can contact your telecom operator right away to block your existing SIM and replace with the new one. Please note that they might charge for the replacement. Refer to your telecom operator for details on charges.

How about if you have loss your mobile during your journey? Be calm, you can buy “Exit Ticket”.

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