Burj Khalifa inside

Burj Khalifa Inside, How is it looks like?

Burj Khalifa Inside-For the most people, the inside of Burj Khalifa seems to be an untouchable part. Visiting the Burj Khalifa tower looks like the only way to see the inside of this mega tall structure. But is that true? It is true that the exclusiveness of Burj Khalifa is unquestionable. It is true that visiting this tower is the best way to look inside the building. But if you want to get some images about this mega structure, you can find some of them on several websites.

Burj Khalifa inside

If there is one thing to say about the inside of Burj Khalifa, it must be the size. Roomy is not enough to describe it. But the largest side of Burj Khalifa is the bottom side. This is because of the structure of this building that is going slender to the top. Overall, there are 163 floors inside the building. But there are only 154 usable. For the rest, they have been used for maintenance and parking area.

Based on the floor, this building is also separated into several parts. On the B1 to B2, it has been used for parking area and mechanical. Concourse, Ground and the 1st floor to 8th floor are the part of Armani Hotel. The 9th floor to the 16th floor is also the part of Armani Residence with mechanical floor on the 17th floor to 18th floor. And for the 19th floor to the 108th floor, the most of them have been used for residential. There are sky lobby on the 43rd floor and 76th floor. These floors are the houses of swimming pools too.

Burj Khalifa Inside

Burj Khalifa is also a house of many companies. On the 111th to 121st floor, 125th to 135th floor, 139th to 138th floor and 149th to 154th are exclusive for corporate suites. And when it talks about Burj Khalifa inside, the 122nd, 123rd and 124th floor will always be the most popular floors in this building. These floors are open for public and special designed as the part of tourism too. In the 122nd floor, there is At.mosphere restaurant. Unlike the other restaurant, At.mosphere restaurant offers the delicious food along with the beautiful view. This is just romantic.

inside Burj Khalifa

When the 123rd floor has been used as a sky lobby, the 124th floor is for top observatory. You need a ticket to access the 124th floor. But when you set your foot on this floor, you will see why this floor is so special. You can see the beautiful view from the top. Dubai looks so tiny but wonderful from this place. There are some facilities to get the better look as well. But if you want more and see Dubai from the higher place, the 148th floor is the new deck to enjoy it.

If there is one thing to say about Burj Khalifa, it must be the height. But when it goes to the inside, there will be more things to be admired. If you have a chance to visit this mega tall structure, just make sure to get Burj Khalifa inside too.

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