view from top of burj khalifa

Enjoying the Magnificent View from Top of Burj Khalifa

Enjoying the magnificent view from top of burj khalifa is probably one of the most wanted things to do on your Dubai Trip. This curiosity goes by the fact of Burj Kalifa height, which is currently the tallest building in the world. It is about 829.8 meters tall with 163 floors. It makes this building as a truly skyscraper. Even the top of the building is often covered by the clouds.

view from top of burj khalifa

What you can see from the top of Burj Khalifa? You may have seen the building from the outside. You can see how tall it is. If there is one thing to say about the view from the top of Burj Khalifa, it must be stunning. The view is stunning in term of the beauty and literally. Anyway, you are looking the view from a very high altitude. This is normal if you feel a little dizzy. But anyway, the view from this side is wonderful.

You can see the entire Dubai city from here. Even the border of the city looks pretty clear from this place. Anything looks so tiny. It feels like there is nothing higher than you. The view of the Dubai city is just one thing. From up there, people can see the desert and the ocean too. These views transform into a beautiful landscape. But if you want to get the better look from Burj Khalifa tower, make sure to go to the 124th floor. This is an observatory deck actually. And as an observatory deck, it featured by complete facilities to get the better view from Burj Khalifa.

This floor has a special design. It designed with 360º view and featured by special telescopes. Visitors can use one of them to get the better view from top of burj khalifa. These special telescopes are so sophisticated. It provides virtual time visions of the view. Impressively, the scene is not just beyond but below too. Getting close up and real time views are just a certainty here.

If you expect for something different and look for the different sensation, there is open air terrace too. You can get more than just a perfect view here. You can also get the different perspective of the view and feel the wind for sure. It feels like a complete set of sightseeing tourism.

To enter this floor, you need to buy a ticket first. This ticket will be used to get an access to all of these facilities. The price of the ticket is not too expensive. It started from $19. But of course, the price may vary depending on the travel agent. And if you get a chance to access 124th floor, do not forget to capture this moment. It will be one of the most memorable tourism experience ever. And if you want to get the better view of stars and sparkling lights, just make sure to visit this floor in the night. You will get the different view from top of burj khalifa for sure.

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